State of the Fleet October 2948

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State of the Fleet October 2948

Post by LewisConorado » Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:30 pm

Good Morning Marines and Sailors,

This will be the first in our series of monthly updates on the Fleet Operations.

1. Training.
There are many of you who may not realize but we already have training programs that are spun up and happening weekly. I encourage all members to participate as much as possible as the programs are refined and expanded. Announcements for the training's can be found on the Fleet Calendar with specific information about what will be covered as well as sign up can be found on the forums. Please note that sign ups for training are first come first serve and will prioritize members of that particular Division first. Inter-Division training days will begin to be specifically scheduled in the future, for the time being contact the Divisional Officer for approval.
Fleet event calendar:
Fleet Forums:

2. Recruitment.
The fleet is growing! As such we have ran into the scenario where many nights we may end up being a majority force on a server. I encourage all members to split up into small teams and spread out onto different servers. Then go into chat and ask if there is anyone needing any help or simply wanting to help crew your ships, this opens the door to creating a relationship with solo players who will often time decide to join the fleet due to your assistance/sportsmanship. It is in the best interest of every fleet member to help in the recruiting process, every new member is a resource for the fleets future.

3.Weekly Screenshot Contest.
Fleet Captain Ruh has started our weekly screenshot contest. He will be posting each weeks theme for the screenshots as well as instructions and posting guidelines. Currently the weekly winners will be showcased in this monthly newsletter. FC Ruh may expand the prize pool soon so stay tuned.
Congratulations ApplesInPants our first weekly winner. His Screenshot can be found below.

4. Fleet Resource Expansion.
We are getting a Teamspeak Server! As many of you may have noticed already we are running into an issue of the Discord voice channels becoming saturated with users. Unfortunately while Discord does a lot of things well for small organizations it does not handle large groups and management of cross channel voice communications well at all. Currently we will be buying a 30 seat TS Server that can be expanded as need arises.

5. Fleet Finances and Funding.
As a growing org there are some finances involved. I want to personally assure all fleet members that the Officer Corps will be open and transparent with funds donated for fleet activities. There will be no using of fleet funds for any personal use and we will list a monthly spreadsheet with amounts donated and amounts paid for bills. Excess amounts of funding will be budgeted for different line items such as future web development and expansion, fleet merchandise, giveaways etc.
If you would like to help support the fleet you can do so here: (Scroll to bottom of page and select Donate Now)
Attached is this months Paypal Export.

6. Fleet Vision.
Finally I would like to take a moment to explain our fleet vision. As many of you know we are a PMC Org. However we are not exclusively setup to just fight wars and often times we will be operating during peace, as such the Fleet has been setup to be entirely self sustaining with a focus on our Commerce and Science/Explo groups in peace time funding the fleets coffers and upgrading fleet equipment so that when the day comes when we do need to fight we are well funded and armed. This is why cross division cooperation and training is so important, if we can solidify our divisions working together during peacetime then we will be a truly dangerous force to reckon with during war. Many large orgs simply do not have a bottom to top approach like this and that will be reflected in how slow they will be to respond to threats. I encourage each fleet member to reach out their Officers to discuss how they can further become involved. We are always looking for people wishing to take a larger role!

7. Fleet Security and Advancement.
As many of you know but some may not we are a partially exclusive organization. What does this mean to you as a member of ISTD? Members who are outside of leadership positions altogether (NCO Rank or below) may be affiliated with other Organizations. If you wish to be promoted past "Airman" or "Private" and be considered for any form of leadership then you will be required to sever all affiliations with other Organizations. This is simply a security measure to ensure that our leadership group is composed of members who are committed to our fleet and our fleet only. This will also help to weed out outside interference from other orgs who would wish to erode us from the inside. This is a simple common sense measure that many Fleets in SC are implementing and a standard practice in many games and gaming communities.

Well that is it for this month I look forward to seeing you all in the verse and the live drop of 3.3 to the PU soon! Until then say hello, join us during our events, and get the word out about our fleet and bring in fresh faces!

-Admiral Lewis Conorado
Commanding Officer, Integrated Solutions Tactical Defense.

October Fleet Finance map.png
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-Admiral Lewis Conorado
Fleet Commander
Valkyries Headquarters Group

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